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In ScraponautsGmbH we have adequate infrastructure for our procedures and technology that supports our recycling process, allowing us to continuously supply our mills for later pulverizing and reusing the raw material, optimizing production costs while maintaining competitive prices in our three main sectors Scrap Price Today.

Join in the sale of scrap metal

We present the list of scrap and waste prices per kilogram, receive at our operations center or collect by service at home, our coverage of scrap collection consists of three main sectors: school recycling, residential recycling, and industrial recycling.

All prices are approximate and subject to change. Call us for more information.

List of prices for junk/scrap and recycled materials

Purchase, Kilogram of copper$96.00
Purchase, Kilogram of Aluminum$22.00
Purchase, Kilogram of Aluminum Cans$21.00
Purchase, Kilogram of Cardboard$1.60
Purchase, Kilogram of Glass$1.50
Purchase, Kilogram of Plastics$4.40
Purchase, Kilogram of PET$4.80
Purchase, Kilogram of PET Preform$5.00
Purchase, Liter of Oil$2.00
Purchase, Kilogram of ferrous metal$3.45
Purchase, Kilogram of Non Ferrous Metal$3.55
Purchase, Kilogram of Paper$2.00

Price of Junk/Scrap


Ferrous metal

Copper-plated steel or copperweldKilogram$1.32
Stainless steel like scrap, bearings and medical instrumentsKilogram$7.62
Steel 430 stainlessKilogram$7.62
Iron ScrapKilogram$0.50
Purchase/Sale of Carbon steel, iron, crankshafts, racks, car plates, tanks and railway casks, etc., which requires preparation for casting.Kilogram$1.50
Wire, steel cable, galvanized iron, metal poles, steel pipe, mixed iron scrap and steel sheet.Kilogram$1.10
Sheet, strip and galvanized wire.Kilogram$1.00
Contaminated mixed scrapKilogram$0.40
Iron waste from:Kilogram$8.80
Motor GradersKilogram$3.50
Road PlanersKilogram$3.10
Agricultural TractorsKilogram$3.30
Cars ScrapKilogram$2.70

Oil Purchase

Burnt motor oilLiter$1.50
Vegetal oilLiter$2.50

Paper purchase

File paperKilogram$0.40
File paper with stickerKilogram$0.20
Basket paperKilogram$0.10
Paper with tubeKilogram$0.80
Layered paperKilogram$0.90
Gift paperKilogram$0.20
Kraft paperKilogram$0.30
Computer listing paper (continuous form)Kilogram$1.00
News PaperKilogram$0.40
Sheet PaperKilogram$0.50
Printing paper (printed and cut of bonded saddle and cardboard)Kilogram$0.80
Magazines, publications, and brochuresKilogram$0.40
Colored chip paperKilogram$0.30
Paper chip with rubberKilogram$0.30

Glass purchase

Glass culletKilogram$0.10
20 liters glass carboy/jugPiece$3.90

Compra de plástico PET

Clean PET (transparent without color)Kilogram$9.50
Green PETKilogram$9.50
Yellow PETKilogram$9.50
Blue PETKilogram$9.50
PET in BulkKilogram$9.50
PET dirtyKilogram$4.50
PET BottlesKilogram$2.50
PET CapsKilogram$2.80

Metales no ferrosos

Aluminum purchaseKilogram$8.80
Granular aluminum purchaseKilogram$18.00
Copper wire with paperKilogram$60.20
Copper purchaseKilogram$101.90
Aluminum wire purchase (AAC)Kilogram$13.60
Aluminum wire purchase (ACSR)Kilogram$9.80
aluminum cable with lining purchaseKilogram$10.60
Armed cable purchase (TAFP)Kilogram$20.00
Concentric copper cableKilogram$47.00
Copper conductor cable purchase (EKC & EKI)Kilogram$122.00
Copper cable and self-supporting plastic liner purchase
Copper cable with lead liner purchase (TA & TAP)Kilogram$18.70
Copper Electrical ConductorsKilogram$35.00
Copper scrapKilogram$83.00
Electric and gas power meters, registers and power factorKilogram$1.20
Steel scrapKilogram$0.30
Aluminum scrapKilogram$17.10
Bronze groutKilogram$65.70
Copper scrapKilogram$76.30
Lead earthKilogram$18.0
Zinc earthKilogram$19.70
Metallic zincKilogram$47.00

Cardboard purchase

Cardboard lidsKilogram$0.60
Thin cardboardKilogram$0.40

Plastic purchase

Acrilic plasticKilogram$1.80
Bucket for wax (plastic)Piece$2.90
Plastic 1 gallonPiece$0.20
Plastic, 18 lts.Piece$1.40
Plastic, 20 lts.Piece$1.60
Plastic, 50 lts.Piece$3.90
Plastic, 200 lts.Piece$73.20

PET Preform Purchase

Transparent Pet Preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
Compra preforma de PET cristal molida10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
Black ground preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
Blue preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
Green preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
Amber preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated
White preform purchase10 kilograms$Price to be negotiated

Do you have a high volume of recycled materials or scrap metal? Contact us to check if your company qualifies for a special price.

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